My Favorite Things: Coffee


I don’t know when I started, but coffee is part of my daily life. Sometimes I even describe myself with coffee: coffee drinker, caffeine junkie, java lava, etc. Here’s a little FAQ about my coffee habits:

How many cups I drink in a day?

It depends. I sometimes drink more than four cups a day if the occasion calls for it, and I sometimes drink no coffee at all. In average, it is safe to say that I usually drink between one to two cups a day.

What kind of coffee that I like best?

My all time favorite is arabica. The acidity, the tangy taste, they all add kicks to a hot cup. Whenever possible, I would stay away from dark roasts because they are simply too bitter.

How do I take my coffee?

To be honest, my preference is to take it is with some cream and sugar. It doesn’t matter how it’s made: a latte, a cappuccino, an Irish, a macchiato, an Espresso con Panna, or a simple café au lait. The sweetness of the sugar and the silkiness of the cream enrich the taste.

Since four years ago, due to some diet restrictions, I began to take my coffee black. No sugar, no cream.

When is my favorite time of the day to drink coffee?

The best time of the day to have a hot cup of coffee is in the morning, with a toast (bread, baguette, bagels) and butter. Nothing makes a breakfast more uplifting to the soul better than the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

Where is my favorite place for coffee?

I like to people watch, and despite my introversion, I prefer to be surrounded by people. A coffee-house is the place for me to enjoy just coffee.

Any favorite brand?

I don’t have a specific preference, because I like to vary my drinking experience.

How do I make my coffee?

For now, I usually percolate my cup using a drip coffee machine, or I simply steep it (pour hot water over the ground) when there is no machine. My dream is to have an automatic espresso machine.

How about instant coffee?

Only for emergencies.

My favorite coffee quote?

“I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.”

– T. S. Eliot

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