Matcha Ice Cream at Asuka Japanese Restaurant

Once a friend of mine uploaded a curious picture to her Facebook timeline. It was green with folds and creases not unlike a brain. At first I thought my friend went to an intergalactic exotic eating place and was served an alien brain in a glass cup. Or maybe an alien cow brain. A closer inspection brought me to realize that it was a cup of matcha, or green tea, ice cream.

I never thought green tea could become an ice cream flavor. I already had some objections against unusual flavors such as black bean, or even durian. Green tea, as my reasoning went, was a drink that should be enjoyed in a liquid state, preferably hot. It was not supposed to be mixed with cream and milk and be frozen. No sir, that is just as strange as eating rice with fresh banana (yes I know some cultures find this to be appealing).

But I was wrong. Green tea, aside from being a drink, can be a flavor just like coffee. People do add coffee to food. Coffee ice cream, coffee biscuits, coffee bread, coffee cake, and the list goes on. So what is so strange about green tea in stuff other than, well, tea?

My first experience with matcha is very favorable. I like it! The green tea lends bitter taste to balance the sugar, and enhances the creaminess of the ice cream. I began to ask for matchas whenever I visited a Japanese restaurant.

The lesson here is not to limit the number of possibilities. With the right combination, you can come up with a great tasting ice cream, or highly effective team.


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