Things That I Learned Today

I spent a few hours this afternoon blog hopping. I wish I could report that as a result from the said activity, I had become significantly more knowledgeable, if not smarter, or if not wiser. Have I? Well, the information contained in the blogs may not be sufficiently retained in my memory, but I am content to say that there are at least two things that I learned (and took action on).

1. Never Use Big Words To Describe Something Just Because You Want To Impress People
Check my LinkedIn Profile, and look in the “Summary” section. It took me about half a day to conjure such intricate wordings for what should have been put simply as Corporate House Elf, to borrow from Harry Potter the term for a non-person who does all the bad stuff nobody else wants to do and who gets kicked around like an unwanted tomcat every once in a while. Yes, I wanted to make my job sounded bigger that it really was, and to impress some people. And who exactly did I want to impress? Well, people who likes big words, apparently.

The problem with overblowing something is that you are actually setting yourself to either be looked upon as capable of doing something that you in fact know nothing about, or be laughed at by people who know very well your job description. Your boss, for instance.

So when a head hunter contacted me about a big position in an industry that I am totally unfamiliar with, I had to sheepishly turn down the request to send in my resume.

To discourage visitors to my LinkedIn profile to send in vacant position offerings that are beyond my true ability, I added a little word at the beginning of the description of my capabilities in LinkedIn. Instead of “Corporate Executive Generalist”, which can cause people to think me as some kind of a jack-of-all-trade manager (not to mention that I haven’t the faintest idea of what an ‘Executive’ is supposed to be capable of), the description now starts with a more realistic “Corporate Generalist Wannabe.”

2. Don’t Swallow Everything You Read on The Internet
I bet this is not the first time you heard this.

I came across several posts in a blog that speaks criticizes some management concepts as either useless, harmful, or downright bad. At first it seems like a genuine brainstorm thinking. Maybe things that we believe to be working very well are actually giving us more problems than solutions. But when the writer bash Christian thinking of management as stupid, well, that’s where I have to draw the line. I respect the writer’s right to express his opinions, I admit that he has good reasons to say what he said, but I must say that I disagree with him on some points. I took the blog as a provocation for me to get me rethink my own opinions. And that’s the farthest it will get.

And that’s it! I will keep you posted in case there are more things that I learned in the next couple of days.


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