Organizing My Stuff


I was looking for some writing utensils that I keep in the backpack that I use for work. In the sarching process, I ended up taking all my stuff out of the backpack. Here is the list of the items I produced from it:

1. A laptop PC
2. A tablet PC
3. A pencil case
4. A laptop power adapter
5. A laptop power cable
6. A portable DVD drive
7. A softcase containing my external hardrives, portable numeric keypad, a set of computer cleaning brush and fluid
8. A plastic zipbag containing Another computer cleaning set
9. Another softcase containing miscelaneous parapernalia
10. A purse containing accessories for my tablet PC
11. An agenda book
12. A journal
13. A pocket toothbrush set
14. A bottle of hand antiseptic
15. Paperworks
16. Two magazines
17. One tabloid
18. Candies
19. A note book
20. A training manual
21. Paid laundry bills from a hotel where I stayed two months ago
22. Two unopened statements
23. A strip of diarrhea tablets
24. Used boarding pass
25. Blank embarkation/disembarkation card
26. A pack of 3 x 5 cards
27. A pair of headphones

Some of the stuff above have never seen the light of day for months, stuck in the backpack probably for eternity if I hadn’t had thought to empty it. Now that I made a list of all the items, I can see that there are redundant and unused items. In other words, I have been exerting my strength to carry stuff that I have never thought of using! I only carry them because I thought I would need them, when I actually didn’t.Imagine that!

Time for some simplification and reorganization.

First, I must have a clear plan of what I want to do in any day. This way I can tell for sure what I will need to carry. I have a nasty habit of just stuffing everything inside my bag in fear that I might lose something, or finding out that I left something behind when I need it. Nothing wrong in being prepared, but I must draw the line somewhere to separate it from being paranoid.

The true sense of being prepared is (1) having a clear and definite plan of action, including a contingency or backup plan in case things don’t go as expected, and (2) prepare according to the plan.

Second, I must have a system to categorize and keep my stuff. If I know where everything is, things will feel to be more under control and I can stop to be paranoid. Like bringing three computer cleaning sets.

I cannor control the whole universe, but I can create a micro environment where I have full control of what is going in and getting out of there. This way, I can have a higher sense of order in my life. And that begins with organizing my stuff.

Hopefully this will materialize beyond this page.


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