I planned to have coffee after church, and to begin work after lunch. Early this morning while getting ready to go to church, my wife said, “Don’t forget, we are going to cousin Niar’s today for the family gathering.” My first response was, “No, I’ve got work to do today.”

I don’t like to be in the situation where I have to choose between to difficult choices. I have to prepare for my upcoming class. On the other hand, it’s hard to let my wife to go by herself two the gathering. First, she is still a pre-beginner driver. It will be hard for her to drive 30 miles to the event alone, going through industrial areas and busy tollway. Second, I do want to have more time to spend with our large families.

I decided to go to the gathering anyway. I brought my tablet so I can review my materials whenever I have the chance during the day.

After church, we went to McDonald’s to get some breakfast before taking off to cousin Niar’s. While my wife had a chat with her sister, who was going with us to the gathering, I connected to the wifi in the restaurant, and began to work.

I managed to cover a lot of things in an hour, and I feel pretty confident. It turned out better than I planned. I am able to squeeze preparation and coffee into the same slot of time period!

Happy to know that I have done one of the thing I have committed to do in 28 days: using technology to maximize my time!


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