Starting a New Beginning in Life

Afternoon Clouds

Exactly one year ago I paid my dietician the visit that started my weight loss. Now, 12 months after, I am 23 kg lighter, healthier, and happier. I still want to lose another 7 kg to make it around 30 kg loss, but it has been an uphill battle between good and bad will power. Lost 2 kg one day only to regained it the next day.

Tomorrow will be July 1. Last year I began my diet on that date. I have in mind to make tomorrow another start for me. Last year I started my weight loss, this year I will start another quest. It is the quest to regain control of my life, and make it deliberate, instead of just going with the flow.

My biggest battlefield is still the same as it was 30 years ago: time. I have been putting off my life long enough. It is now time to stop procrastinating, and begin working.

Speaking about time, lately I have so much on my plate I began to lose sight on how I can accomplish everything. So many things that I have to do. To be honest, it’s not that I am too busy. I think for some people the load that I am carrying now is not really that bad. But I’m just too panic to focus.

I keep saying no to my friends when they invite me to hang out because I think I have tons of things to do. I don’t have time for anything good. I don’t have time for things that I really enjoy. But I find it difficult to focus my thoughts I end up putting my tasks off. I instead spend time doing activities that do not add value to my personal nor my work goals, like watching TV or browsing the internet aimlessly for hours.

If I could overcome this problem, I believe I would have a more satisfying life. Things may not be perfect overnight, but I would be content knowing that everyday I am doing something towards achieving my goals, both in my personal and professional lives. I would be able to end the day and go to sleep happy, and wake up excited to start the day. I would enjoy every waking moment, regardless of what difficult task that may lie ahead. I would take on life with gusto. I would have time to read the books that I bought, play music, hone my French, and to learn one more foreign language. I would have time to spend with people that I care. I would have time to read the Bible, pray, and have a meaningful relationship with God.

I would have time to start writing articles and books, and to publish them. I would have time to work on starting my coffee shop instead of just dreaming about it.

And when it’s all over and it’s time for me to close my life on earth, I would be able to look back and to feel that I have finish a good race, and completed a meaningful life.

And it starts now.


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