Self Evaluation

I took a psychological evaluation test today. The management of my company plans to promote me, and I think it is just appropriate that I took the test, just like other job applicants. I didn’t have to, really, I just want to know whether I am a fit for the position.

I have good reasons for that. First, I realized that the new job is beyond my comfort zone. I have doubts whether I could do it. This is especially true since I still have not found a strong footing in my present job. So many things are changing at the same time, I have not yet settled into a rhythm before I have to adjust to a different condition. Or in simpler terms, the present job is not even within my comfort zone, and already I have to do something totally foreign for me.

Second, all these years I never had an inside mentor to guide me step by step. I have to learn about my job the hard way. Either by making mistakes, or by paying expensive consultants to be my partners.

Third, I do not have sufficient people to fill vacant positions in my division. I still have to be many things for many people, and I am way overwhelmed by the many and different responsibilities.

There are two prerequisites to be fulfilled before I can be promoted. One, all the positions under me must be filled first. Second, I am mentally and intellectually ready to take the new responsibilities.

The first one requires a diligent recruitment process. Diligent in terms that it is not easy to find the right person for one position, let alone the right people for ALL positions. The second one requires a lot of hardwork, mostly on my part.

Thus the test. I’m dying to know what I could do differently to be better at my job. Even if that means I’m deemed not fit for the promotion, yet. I’m fine with that, as long as I know what I need to improve.


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