Better When Surrounded by People

I finally got to spend some time alone. By my definition, “alone” means sitting by myself in a public place.

It’s funny how I am more productive in a setting like that. It can be in an empty desk in the middle of other people at my office, in a Starbucks, or in a McDonald’s, like I’m doing now. I tend to be able to focus better on something as long as there are people around.

Just now, the next table suddenly broke into laughter. A few minutes ago a small boy stood by my table screamed his head out calling for someone who was on the other side of the window. A while earlier, a mother in the next table yelled at her child who was at a distance. Those noises would usually drive me nuts. But in an alone moment like this, it didn’t.

How come?

I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I am not exactly doing something, nor being rushed to finish a task. I’m not trying to have a conversation with anyone nor trying to concentrate on anything. I’m just enjoying being left alone.

And even weirder is that I am actually happy like this.

*Big Smile*

I’m thinking of getting some work done this afternoon. If I could find an electrical outlet, I might order some coffee and work. Happily.

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