Time Management Idea #3: Simplify Your Mobile Life

Lately I have been feeling like I never had enough time for doing everything. A quick reflection reminds me that:

(1) Thanks to my 24 hour active mobile device I could spend an accumulative time of 2-3 hours a day on Facebook and Twitter. And that’s a conservative approximation.

(2) It would take me that much time because I followed and friended a lot of people, and some of them would routinely tweet or post things or items that were not really of great value to me or my work.

This kind of activities fall into what Charles E. Hummel in his monumental work titled Tyranny of the Urgent describes as The Fourth Quadrant activities: things that are not important nor urgent, but sap a significant amount of time. Therefore, cure for a chronic lack of time is to reduce the time spent on 4th Quadrant activities.

What I did to do that were:
(1) Because of the Facebook app installed in my mobile device, I developed a bad habit of checking and updating statuses several time in an hour. This is severely detrimental to my effectiveness at work. I decided that I could still live with less access to Facebook. It would be just as much fun if I restricted its use just in my leisure time. So I deleted the Facebook app from my device.

(2) I would have done the same with Twitter, but I realized that it presented an outlet for me to express thoughts and ideas. And there are people that I follow that I consider to be a valuable source of information. Instead of deleting Twitter app, I decided to stop following a number of people. This will reduce the number of tweets on my timeline, and shorten the time I need to find important information.

(3) I also deleted some apps from my device that had been idle for a long time, or did not directly contribute to my effectiveness at work.

With such a limited time available at our disposal, it is of the utmost importance that we use it for the highest priority matters in our lives.

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