In English, Passion

The Artist

"Impression of a Swatch Magazine Ad" July 22, 1993

I sometimes watch “Miami Ink” or “LA Ink” on TLC. Although I don’t have tattoos, I cannot help admiring the artists’ skills. They are capable of creating not just a simple black and white tattoos, like the ones you can get cheaply on the beach, but a true work of art. The drawing, the coloring, etc.

The shows remind me of how satisfying it is to be able to render something into a two dimensional drawing. I used to sketch when I was in high school, and I could spend days working on just one sketch. I would make a general outline, and from there I would work the details.

One example of my work is included in this post.

It is unfortunate that I hadn’t been born a true melancholy person. I lacked the discipline nor the patience it took to work slowly and methodically on something. I was always on a rush to finish my drawings. I so wanted to finish it immediately that neither my work nor my skills had the opportunity to be developed.

That is probably the reason I am more comfortable with photography, especially in this digital era.

I still feel like this is a waste of talent, since I don’t sketch much anymore. I wish I could make the time to hone my drawing skills. But then again, time is the one thing I could not afford.

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