25 Things Most People Don’t Know About Me

(Previously a Facebook Application Content)

1. My wife accuses me of being over-narcissistic at times. Usually when I spend too much time in front of the mirror. Too much time. Like, you know, 5 seconds.

2. At other times, I don’t like being the center of attention. You know, like when 800 something people had their eyes fixed at me. That’s why I’m not into performing arts, nor politics, nor reality shows.

3. I can be a true morning person. I like cramming as much things to do in a day from sunrise to sundown.

4. At other days, I like taking the time to wake up very slowly in the morning. I mean slowly. Really slow. Like one eyelid at a time.

5. As a Gemini who was born under the shadow of planet Mercury, I can be very fluent at talking my way out of sticky situation. My senior in college once called me ‘a pig’ to my face, when he became a victim to that ‘special’ ability. I wonder how he knew that pigs could talk like I did.

6. Yet there are many times when I would rather shut up and keep everything to myself.

7. In the morning, I hate to think of what to wear today. If possible, I would rather wear the same suit again and again until they’re all ragged from overuse.

8. But sometimes I love to dress up so meticulously that I end up depressing myself from thinking of all the things I must do (and shop for) to be perfectly groomed.

9. I’m born melancholy phlegmatic. One time my perfectionist side possessed me completely, I took about half an hour to rearrange the messy pile of discounted audio cassettes in a Carrefour store into neat rows, with all the spines uniformly facing up. If I had had another half hour, I would have arranged them alphabetically by artist’s name.

10. But when I was too lazy to bother, I used to let my books strewn all over the floor in my room for weeks on end. Well, now that I’m married, that doesn’t happen anymore. Or I will get an earful from my wife.

11. I sometimes read two or three books different books at the same time. Today I read several chapters from one book; tomorrow I read some from another, and so on until I got all three books finished. If I can watch like 20 different TV programs in a week and manage to remember the story, why can’t I read 2, 3 or even 10 different books?

12. I can’t understand what’s to like from local soap opera (or sinetron). Bad story, bad acting, bad directing, bad everything. But those series enable some people to enjoy celebrity status, even when the only thing they can do is pretending to act in front of a camera. Amazing what TV can do to a nation.

13. Mini version of hell on earth? Being stuck in a local hotel room with no cable and local channels only. I don’t mean to be a snob; it’s just local programming is really that bad.

14. I have difficulties to decide what I really want to do in life. Not that I don’t know what to do, but I have too many options. Hum, decision, decision, decision.

15. I’m a sucker for anything tidy, orderly, well designed and perfectly organized. That’s why my favorite places are Singapore, a Disney theme park, and an IKEA store.

16. If I had a million dollars, I would spend about half of it to build a perfect home for me and my family. One with a spacious backyard for the children to roam around and play to their hearts’ content. The other half I would spent to travel around the world. Three times.

17. Some people actually think I’m a very kind and nice person. Although it is flattering, it’s hard for me to believe. I must admit that I still function on self-serving mode at times.

18. The funny thing is, I once took a personality test, and the examiner said the result showed that I was a kind and nice person. I don’t know what part of the test result made the examiner thought so. He said that my wife was very lucky to have me as a husband. Thank God. I hoped she would agree.

19. I try to be polite and thoughtful to anyone, and I expect other people to do the same. Then I found that some people are just mannerly challenged. Nothing personal. It’s just the way they chose to be.

20. When I was younger, I wondered why I was born an Indonesian. Then I realized, otherwise I wouldn’t have had the friends that I had then. I liked them so much I would rather not be born anywhere else. And I still think so.

21. I was a math whiz in elementary and junior high school. Always in top of the class. Then I was downgraded to a class dunce in high school. It’s still a mystery to me, even now. But I suspect that calculus had something to do with that.

22. In college, I never got my balance sheet balanced. Yet I’m working in finance now. And I’m still waiting for the punch line.

23. I am so in love with my 1300 cc Toyota Avanza. Designed for Indonesian and ASEAN market, it is considered the best MPV in value and versatility. It handles so well in congested traffic, and it uses fuel as economically as a penny pinching Jew. When my wife suggested that we should get a better car, I said, “Yeah! Let’s get a 1500 cc Toyota Avanza!” She snorted and rolled her eyes at that.

24. I once lost 14 kgs, maintained the weight for about 3 years, and gained 35 kgs in the next 8 years. If there is one thing that I should be lazy about is this: keeping my weight.

25. I coaxed my friends into tagging me so I got to make this list of 25 random things, never mind whether they really want to know about me or not. But I was just dying to tell people about me. Go figure.


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