Again: Time Management Issue

The biggest problem in my career has been my lack of time management. I rarely make plans. Even if I did, I would usually find something else that is more interesting to do and forget the more important things. I am so prone to the “why do today what I can put off until tomorrow?” And it is not unusual for me to find myself rushing at the last minute to complete my tasks.

I just recently realized why I can never keep my desk clear for more than two weeks. It’s simple: Those heaps are the tasks that I have been putting off. Day by day I pile them one on top of the other. After two weeks, my desk is a cluttered mess again.

It’s all that simple!

About two Sundays ago, our pastor gave a very interesting sermon in church. The title was, “8 Common Mistakes in Managing Time.” The mistakes are:

  1. Failing to manage time in the first place
  2. Being too focused on urgent things instead of taking care of the important things
  3. Lack of priority in life due to absence of vision and focus in life
  4. Resting before completing tasks.
  5. Putting too much or too little tasks in your schedule.
  6. Failing to adhere to your own rules.
  7. Waiting until the last moment to do things.
  8. Waiting for instead of creating opportunities.

It is safe to say that I am guilty of all 8 mistakes.

So today, while waiting for Vero who is in a meeting, I decided to make some arrangements for the next two weeks. This is important, because most of the days in that period I will be out of the office. I have to lists all the tasks that I want to delegate to my people, and I must set time to follow up on all those tasks.

If you ask how I can survive on being a manager without a proper time management, my answer is this: I am blessed with capable people in my team. They can do their work with so little supervision, that they enable me to work on other things. That is my recipe for success: hire a team of good staff, and delegate.

This time, it’s delegate and keenly follow up. I must be like a leech that sink my teeth into their flesh, and won’t let go until they are dry of blood. Well, okay, that’s too much of an exaggeration to be a metaphor. Let’s say that I’m like a radar, that knows where they are and what they are doing every step of the way, while maintaining course to the direction that I want.

It’s not a tall order at all. Anyone can do that.



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