What I Learned

Ever since I read my first ‘Esquire‘ magazine, I have been so inspired by its regular column titled ‘What I Learned’. They interview celebrities and ask, from all the experiences they had in life, what lessons they can share with the readers. In the final result, the interview is laid out as points that are easy to read, entertaining, and sometimes thought provoking.

I have been thinking a lot. If I were interviewed for that column, what life lessons would I had given?

I finally compiled some items that I think are the best lessons I’ve got from life.

Without further ado, here is my take for an edition of  ‘What I Learned’. Enjoy!

  • Nobody owes you anything. Even your loved ones.
  • Life is only a state of mind. You can make it beautiful just by thinking that it is.
  • It’s okay to panic once in a while. You’ll have a good laugh about it later.
  • If you don’t know anything nice to say, just smile. People will like you even better.
  • It doesn’t hurt to be nice, even if the other person is not. You’ll have a better day than he does.
  • Love is terribly overrated. Blame Hollywood for that.
  • Ever heard the expression that you should marry someone that you like to be with? It’s true, every word of it.
  • The greatest fortune that can happen to someone is marrying his or her best friend.
  • Listen first. It saves you a lot of trouble. Especially with your significant other.
  • I learned that me and my wife have no problem in discussing big matters. It’s the small irrelevant things that got us to fighting.
  • Never give up on your ideas. If it’s not accepted now, someday it will be.
  • Sometimes somebody else gets the credit for the same idea that you have been trying to get across for years. When that happened, don’t get upset. You got your way anyhow.
  • Take time to play with children. It gives you permission to be children again.
  • Treat children with the same respect you give to grownups.
  • Try to get as much information as possible when you have to make a big decision. As soon as you feel overwhelmed with all the information you got, you will instinctly look for the simplest solution and your decision will come easily.
  • Whenever you buy something, get the best you can afford. It will last longer than anything else, cheaper or costlier.
  • When someone ask for your non-financial help, try to do it. You may learn something useful from the experience.
  • Don’t get mad when somebody cut you in the freeway. It will only ruin your mood, and it will cost you your day.
  • There will always be something that slows you down when you are in a hurry. Blowing your horn and yelling at it won’t make it go faster.
  • Always say ‘Thank you’, even for the smallest favor given to you.
  • It takes you an hour to watch a National Geographic program about something that you can read in National Geographic magazine in ten minutes flat.
  • I spent a lot of money trying to win the heart of a woman I was madly in love with, and she didn’t care about me. I never bought anything expensive for my wife, and we got married. Go figure.
  • To make a real kick-ass cup of coffee: double the coffee.
  • Sometimes I drink decaf just to avoid upsetting my stomach.
  • When you go someplace where very few people can speak English, look for those who wear business suits. They usually can, and quite fluently, too.
  • When a friend invites you to his or her wedding, you should come. They may not remember your present, but they will remember your presence.

This post is inspired by a column with the same title in Esquire magazine.


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