The Curse of The Abominable Paper Stack

By the end of last year, I finally achieved something that seemed to be impossible. I cleared my desk at the office. I found the biggest cardboard box, put all the stuff that had been piling on my desk for months, and shoved the whole thing under my desk. Voila! My desk is as clear as the morning sky after a stormy night.

Image000 This is how it looked then just after I cleaned it up. As you can see, it is very clean and bright. And the best thing is, I still have the papers inside a box under my desk, ready for me whenever I summon them.

And look at how it looks now:

Image034 Somehow all the papers that I got rid of managed to invite their friends and relatives to occupy the now vacant space. And they came in large number too! It’s as though I am never be completely rid of paper stacks as long as I live. Unbelievable.

I think I must set up an immigration office at my desk. I must put in effect a very strict law regulating visiting papers. Any paper that wants entrance to my domain must pass a scrutiny to decide whether it could stay, or go some place else. Any paper that dares to appear only to promote products that I don’t need (and can’t afford anyway) will go straight to the dustbin. Even papers that relate to my work must have a home address available as soon as they arrive so I can file them when I’m done with them.

Yes, no curse shall prevail on my domain! I will see to that! I will see to that!


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